I first kindled an interest in film through reading, and vowed to turn the books that could so powerfully capture my imagination into feature films so that they could be experienced by others just as powerfully. I first studied film and media studies as A Levels in The British School Muscat in the beautiful Middle Eastern country, Oman. I simultaneously took the GCSE version as an added bonus. After completing my A Levels I moved to the UK to further my education by taking a Post Graduate Bachelor of Arts Degree (Hons) at Plymouth College of Art. There I had access to the equipment and resources that could start turning my dreams into reality. I have now made a small collection of contacts in the industry and am continuing to increase my skills and experience as a film-maker. Taking on new projects is more than bread-winning for me; it’s a chance to gain new experience in the field, and to better myself in my profession. That will never change, not even when I’ve been doing this for 60 years.